Field Value Presets

Field Value Presets are predefined field options that can be used repeatedly across all projects and forms. For example, "Language" and "Country" fields will consistently have the same options available across multiple projects. Using a Field Value Preset for languages allows you to easily incorporate the same controlled vocabulary every time you use this category in a form.

Navigating to Field Value Presets can take place from either the dashboard or from a project's homepage.

  • From the dashboard, you are able to navigate to the field value presets page from a project block using the Quick Action icon.

  • Alternatively, you may select Field Value Presets from the project homepage using the Kora menu.

Either of these options will bring you to the field value presets page where you can create or edit the predefined options for fields across all projects and forms

Field Value Preset Types

There are three levels of availability for field value presets: project, shared and stock. Selecting the appropriate tab on the field value presets tab will organize the presets into their type of availability.

The availability of field value presets is characterized in the following ways:

  • Project presets will be available for the project for which the field value preset was created.

  • Shared presets will be available across multiple projects.

  • Stock presets are field value presets provided by us, that can be used and edited by administrators in any kora installation. The following stock presets are always originally available:

  • URL_URI: this regex provides a pattern that helps with the entering of URLs.

  • Boolean: Provides True or False options for a field.

  • Countries: Provides a list of all possible countries for a field.

  • Languages: Provides a list of languages for a field

  • US States: Provides a list of all states located within the United States of America.

Creating Field Value Presets

There are two types of field value presets you can create: a regex preset or a list preset. Regex presets allow fields to check for a pattern that will accept certain types of field entries. List presets, on the other hand, allow predetermined list options to be used as field options. To create a field value preset, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Create a New Preset on the Field Value Presets page.

  2. This will bring you to the page for creating field value presets. You may start by entering a name for your new preset.

  3. Next select the Field Value Preset Type. You may select either a regex or list preset.

  4. If you are building a regex preset, then a text box will appear asking you to provide the necessary text pattern you are looking to search for.

  5. If you are building a list preset, then a box will appear asking you to enter the options that you want to be available for this preset option.

  6. Once you have created the desired characteristics for your field value presets, you have the option to make this preset available to all other projects within your kora installation. To do so, select the Select to share with all projects checkbox.

  7. Click Create Field Value Preset to create your field Value Preset!