Importing a Form

Importing a form allows you to import a .kForm file from your computer into a Kora Project. You can obtain a .kform file from another project by exporting a form. Importing a form allows you to use a previously created form in a new or different project without having to recreate the form and its fields.

Follow the steps below to import a form:

  1. Open the project you would like to import your form into. From that project's page, click the project name in the menu bar to open the dropdown options. Click the Import Form Setup option.

  2. In the Import Form Setup page, either drag and drop your form file from you computer into the box or choose the Select the Form File here option to choose it through a file browser.

  3. Click the Upload Form File button.

  4. Under the Form Information section, you have the option to enter a form name and description, or you can leave these options blank to use the name and description from the original form.

  5. Press the Import Form & Information button. This will automatically upload the form into your project.