Customizing the Project List View

The projects list view refers to your view of projects from the Projects page. The Projects page displays all of the projects that you have access to in a list. This list of projects can then be organized alphabetically or in a customized view. A custom view allows you to place projects you more frequently use at the top of the page. You may also view archived projects from the Projects page.

Editing Preferences for How Projects are Viewed

When you first navigate to your Projects page, you will always see your projects organized alphabetically from a-z, unless you change the initial default view in your preferences. To change how you view your projects, go to your preferences page and perform the following actions:

  1. Scroll down to the section for Projects Page Tab Selection

  2. Select either a custom or alphabetical view of your projects.

Don't confuse this process with the Single Project Page Tab Selection section, which changes the default view of forms within your projects.

Alphabetical Project List View

In your Projects page, the alphabetical view will list your projects in order from a-z. After selecting another view, you can always go back to an alphabetical view by clicking Alphabetical as shown below.

Custom Project List View

In your Projects page, it is also possible to customize the order in which your projects are viewed. Follow these steps to create a custom view of your projects:

  1. Make sure that you are in the Custom option on your Projects page.

  2. You may change the order of projects in your list by selecting the up arrow or down arrow to the left of each project's name.

  3. Another option for moving projects is to click a project that you want to move and drag it to your desired location.

  4. Whenever you open up to your custom view in the Projects page, the projects will automatically be shown in the order you have sorted it into.

Archived Project List View

Another option is to view your projects that have been archived. Simply click on the Archived option in your Projects page to view your archived projects.

Your archived projects will always appear in alphabetical order.