Creating a Record

A record is the metadata element. It is generated by entering information into fields within a form. Forms and fields provide the framework in which to enter data, with the resulting records becoming the substance of your repository.

To begin creating a record, you must first choose the project that you want to enter records into. Then select the form you would like to enter a record into by clicking on that form's name. Then follow these steps to create a record:

  1. To start creating a record, there are two options:

    • One option is to click the Create New Record button on the form home page or you can click the form name in the menu bar to open the dropdown and choose the Create New Record option.

    • alternatively, you may also select Create New Record from the dropdown menu made available by clicking on the form name in the menu bar.

  2. This will open a New Record page.

  3. Now you can fill out the various fields you have created within the form with your data. All the fields with a green dot next to it are a required field and will have to be filled out. This can only be changed by editing the required field

  4. If your form has multiple pages, you can toggle between them using the buttons Previous Page and Next Page at the bottom of the screen.

  5. When you are finished entering the information for the record, click Create New Record.

Note: When you are uploading any files, there are some restrictions on filenames. They are limited to a-z, A-Z, 0-9, ., - and _. No spaces are permitted in filenames. Also, when creating list items, if your item contains any commas you must encapsulate the entire list item within quotation marks.

Additional Information

This section describes additional information that may be useful when creating a record. This includes how to use a record preset, how to duplicate records and how to create a record preset.

Using a Record Preset

Record presets use a previously created record to fill in a new record with the same values. This is useful when you have records that will use the same data for multiple fields. If you would like to use a record preset, click the circle for the Use a Record Preset option in a New Record page. This will provide a new dropdown option to select a record preset. The new record will then have its fields filled in with the same values as the selected record present. You are still able to edit the newly filled in fields after the preset is selected.

Duplicate Record

You may also select the Duplicate Record option from the New Record page. If you chose to duplicate your record, an identical copy of the record will be created. You can set the number of duplicates after selecting the option.

You may also duplicate a record after it has been created. Simply search or browse for the record you would like to duplicate and select the Duplicate Records option at the bottom of the block for that record. This will bring you to the Duplicate Record page where you can select the duplication amount and click the Duplicate Record button at the bottom of the page.

If you need assistance on how to edit your duplicate record, visit the Editing a Record documentation.

Creating a New Record Preset

If you wish to use a newly filled out record as a preset option for future records, select the Create New Record Preset from this Record option. You will be asked to name your new record preset. This newly named preset option will be available for all records you create in the future. And it will use the same information you enter into this record to fill in the fields using this record preset.