Edit User Account

Your user account holds a number of preferences while working in kora in addition to the profile information you have provided it.

Follow the steps below to edit your user preferences:

  1. When you are logged into Kora, you can access your user preferences from anywhere. Click on the person icon in the top menu located in the top right corner of the page.

  2. This will open a dropdown menu. Choose the Edit My Profile option.

  3. On your Profile page, you are able to modify your kora user account profile information in addition to several preferences. This includes the ability to:

    • Edit your User Name
    • Change your email address
    • Edit your first and last name
    • Upload a profile image
    • Change your Organization
    • Select the language used
    • Update Your Password

  4. Check out the sections below to view more information about each of these sections. Check out the Editing User Preferences documentation to see information on kora preferences. When you have finished making changes to your kora user account profile, click the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

Edit Your User Name

You can edit your username by typing in the white box below the User Name sub-heading.

Change Email Address

You can edit your email address by typing in the white box below the Email Address sub-heading.

Edit First and Last Name

You can edit your first and last name by typing in the white box below the First Name & Last Name sub-heading.

Upload a Profile Image

You can upload or change your profile photo under the Profile Image sub-heading. To do this, you can either drag and drop a photo from your computer or click the Drag and Drop or Select a Photo here option. After you select and image or drag & drop a photo from your computer, it will upload and show the preview of the image within the circle. You have the option to delete this photo by clicking on the 'X' next to the image file name. You can also select a different photo by clicking the Select a Different Photo? option

Edit Your Organization

You can edit your organization by typing in the white box below the Organization sub-heading.

Select Language Used

Currently, English is the only supported language. Future versions of Kora will support other languages.

To change the language used on Kora, click the white bar below the Language sub-heading, then select your desired language.

Update Password

You can update your kora user password under the Update Password sub-heading. You must first enter your new password in the white box under Enter New Password section. Then confirm your new password by typing the new password again in the white box under Confirm New Password.

When GitLab integration is enabled, users who did not create their account through the GitLab option may still link their GitLab and Kora accounts. To do so, simply click the "Add GitLab Account" button under "Assign OAuth Account."

This will redirect to the GitLab login screen. Log into that GitLab instance with your personal account and click "Authorize" to complete the process. Once linked, you will be able to log into your Kora account through the GitLab option.